My Love for The Fine Arts

My Love for Art is .....

as Strong as My Love for Music. 

Enjoy all forms of The Arts

About The Artist C. Ray

Cynthia Ray Aker / C.Ray

 C.Ray is Cynthia Ray Aker, was born and raised in Southern California.  Her Art Talent has been with her all of her life and is one of her main interest. She grew up close to the ocean, she loves to swim, sail, scuba dive, float, speed swim, and other sports in water. At present 2018 she lives five minutes away from the Colorado River in Lake Havasu  City, Arizona (The Grand Canyon State,  USA). If she is not working  in her Studio, you will find her enjoying the river or at het shop in town inside CINDYRELLA'Z GIFT SHOP & SALON  in town, Art Shows, Swap Meets, and designing websites for companies and more at Creations Inc. a city website for . Now retired she enjoys painting, pottery, hand sculpturing in clay, wax.  View Colorado River Cities Website / Creations Inc. ,The Sign Gal and more.    She won The Gold Key of New York, New York Award for finest Artisan at 18 yrs for The Red Hat Batik Painting her mother saved and Silversmith Works of Art. She believes God's given Gifts should be cherished and used. He gives us all something- SO USE IT, IT'S YOURS !!!

Lover of the Arts

  She studied the Arts through out her entire life and had the finest of Art Teachers. She went onto UCLA college.  Majored in the Arts and Business Management and has mixed the two field quite well in her careers. She was a College Art Teacher at  Mohave Community College. Although the fine Arts was the desire of her  heart she went into the business field of Arts as The Sign Gal painting hundreds of signs, boats, cars, trucks, etc.  Murals as large as 150' by 10' high felt like a hobby, painting Murals in over 350 Adobe homes, many businesses and  store fronts she highly enjoyed. You can truly call her a Painter. Then Art Director for Rachel  Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.  She enjoyed the Medical Field also because she had a desire to help people drawing in medical journals, pen and inks.  Art Director and Production Manager for  Magazine and Newspaper Companies lead her onto publish her own  magazines and companies and has not stopped yet in her golden years. She  is young in heart and Spirit and has always believed if you have to  work, do what makes you very happy, Art is a creative never ending subject. Her father (awesome man in all ways) died from brain cancer when she was 24 years. She was blessed by God to see two Angles carry her father onto  Heaven ( HUD - Howard Aker ). From that moment on her search began to find the brightest light and greatest energy and feeling of love she has ever known. At  which time she choose to carry her father's name Aker, and due to the light force she changed all  artwork to be signed  C.Ray  

Fine Artist to a Director and Teacher of Art

Her love for the Arts and Fine Music is never ending. It is her passion in this life and the gift she was given to do from God and she cherishes it no matter what. Even when she went blind in one eye totally and limited vision is the other she continued on exploring new techniques and methods to share her gift.  Inspired while injured she continues on and most of her artworks are sold the moment it hit the streets.  The artwork you see here, her mother grabbed onto and held. Cynthia Ray's Artwork through out the years has gone everywhere. She has never stopped drawing. There is no way of knowing how many pieces of fine artwork she has out in the world at this time it is an enormous amount. Her desire for you is to enjoy her works and God's precious blessings and strengths for you and yours, through out your lifetime.